#Veganuary all Month Long

January 4, 2016

By now you may have heard reports that the cost of food is now going to make you sit in the featal position and cry...  the worse hit to your wallet? The biggest price jump? Meat products, which are expected to increase by up to 5% this year. In all the general increase is expected to cost Canadian households on average $345... so what's the solution? #Veganuary


Piggybacking on New Years resolutions, this 30-day challenge is all about going vegan for the month of January with the hopes of inspiring participants to go vegan permanantly or at the very least encorage them to eat more plant-based foods year round.


If the thought of vegan food for a month makes you nervous don't worry, vegan food has come along way in recent years, by becoming more flavourful with more options and better accessibility. So weather your challenging yourself for the month, changing your lifestyle for good and everything in between, this month will be all about helping you include more plant-based foods into your diet.


Our friends at Vegan in Your City have already compiled a pretty comprehensive list of Toronto-based resources so our focus will be more on grocery and cooking tips including vendor profiles.



Basic Tip # 1 Don't Re-Invent the Wheel Just Yet, 'Veganise' your Fave Recipes


Sometimes vegan cookbooks can seem a bit intimidating or overwhelming to a novice chef, but don't let that deter you! Before you start diving into the world of Tempeh & Nutritional Yeast (both of which we'll cover this month also) try the path of least resistance by veganising your already loved dishes. The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions is a fantastic book especially for novis bakers looking to include more plant-plased options into their diet. Do your muffins call for eggs? Try ground Flax Seed & Water, Honey? Try Maple Syrup, Agave or Ginger Syrup.



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