May 12, 2016

Ok so maybe we took a little impromptu hiatus from the blog but we're back so let's pretend this never happened shall we?!

Lots of new and re-stocked items in-store today including some Sloane Teas from our Valentine's Day Supper Club that have {finally} arrived:


Studio 50: Rock Bottom Glass 1000ml, $85

Sloane Tea: Jasmine Jade Pearl, $23.50

Sloane Tea: Oolong Cream, $20

Sloane Tea: Perfectly Pear, $18

Rosewood Winery...

January 14, 2016

Lots of new and re-stocked items in-store today:  

Including new flavours of Sloane Tea and No.7 Hot Sauce...


Sloane Tea: Marrakesh Mint, $18

Sloane Tea: Jasmine Mist, $18

Sloane Tea: Classic Green, $18

Warner's Farm: D'Anjou Pears, $0.99

Urban Acorn Ltd.: Pikliz 1L {Haitian Pickled Cabbage Slaw}, $12

Nuts for Cheese: Super Blue Vegan Cheeze, $11.99

Bushi & Sash: Spicy Chili Pepper Vegan Cream Cheese, $5.99

Bushi & Sash: Dill Vega...

January 5, 2016

Market Vendor Profile: Magic Vegan

"A wise man once said that Bacon isn't a food.. it's a flavour. "


Bacon is often sited as the #1 food people miss when they embrace a more vegan/vegetarian diet. That un-mistakable smokey flavour is all but addictive, so how are you going to get through this month?

Enter Magic Vegan {Formally Magic Vegan Bacon Grease}, a multi-use coconut-based oil that tastes {and more importantly makes ev...

January 4, 2016

By now you may have heard reports that the cost of food is now going to make you sit in the featal position and cry...  the worse hit to your wallet? The biggest price jump? Meat products, which are expected to increase by up to 5% this year. In all the general increase is expected to cost Canadian households on average $345... so what's the solution? #Veganuary


Piggybacking on New Years resolutions, this 30-day challeng...

January 2, 2016

Vegan & Gluten-Free Soup Joumou


Soup Joumou (pronounced "joo-moo") is Haiti's soup of Independence. Its warm notes and tangy flavours are meant to commemorates January 1, 1804, the date of Haiti's liberation from France.


It is said that the soup was once forbidden to the slaves who cooked it and reserved for their white masters. After their Independence, Haitians too to eating this soup to celebrate having the world's fi...

December 30, 2015

You'd swear it was Y2K thanks to the nostalgic 90's playlist blasting at the shop today! If you are looking for goodies for tomorrow or items for a gold old hangover breakfast January 1st

we're open today until 7pm.


December 31st we are open from 10am-2pm

and closed Jan 1st


New Items in store today:

Urban Acorn Catering: Quebec Style Fudge in Chocolate, $1.50/Piece

Urban Acorn Catering: Quebec Style Fudge in Caramel...

December 28, 2015

Did our last post about the warm weather jinx us this week? Things are gonna dip down this week but don't worry because we've got new house-made soups at the market to keep you warm.



Also remember that we have regular store hours from

Monday-Thursday this week


December 31st we are open from 10am-2pm

and closed Jan 1st


New Items in store today:


Urban Acorn Catering: Ham & Split Pea Soup, $10

Urban Acorn Catering: V...

December 23, 2015

Don't let the warm weather fool you this is December and Christmas is just around the corner, but don't sweat we got some new items in today to help you out and we're even open for a few hours on Christmas eve...


December 24th we are open from 10am-2pm

and close Dec 25th-27th


New Items in store today:


Saint André: Brie Wedges, $11

Golden Apple: Assorted Chocolate Bars, $8

Teeny Tiny Bakery: Hand-Painted Mini Gingerbread...

December 22, 2015

This shouldn't be a secret so we are shouting it to the rooftops TUESDAY IS STOCK DAY!


Now this doesn't mean every Tuesday nor does it mean that we only get stock on Tuesdays but two of our largest suppliers: Ontario Natural Food Co-op and 100km Foods both have designated deliveries on Tuesdays in the Junction Triangle so by Wednesday morning we usually have a fresh new collection of goods to check out!


New Items in store...

December 21, 2015

 Given the sometimes random nature of our little market it's sometimes challenging for us to let you know about all the incredible things we have in stock. That's why we decided to create this blog. Think of it as part flyer, part newseltter; a way for us to connect and stay in the loop.


The blog will focus specifically on the market and will not replace our monthly newsletter which is more event focused. If you'd lik...

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