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We're always here to answers you might have about our catering services but here's a quick list of the most common questions we are asked. Still have a question? Shoot us over an email and we'll fix that real quick.


What is your Cuisine Style?
Our executive Chef Daniel Holloway is French trained but his flavours can be described as modern Canadian with eclectic influences; classic dishes with comfort food flavours twists. How eclectic you ask? How about Haitian and Scottish cuisine (bet you didn't see that one coming).


What Venues do you work with?
We have worked with several venues in the city but are always willing to work with a new space if you one in mind. Please see our list of venues we've worked with in the past.


Would you consider Traveling Outside your Service Area?
We typically work in the GTA but will travel outside this area depending on the event and budget. Please contact us for more details.


How are you a Sustainable Catering Company?
When we talk about sustainable food sourcing and service  we are promoting the following general guidelines:


  • Locally grown and organic foods 

  • Fresh and healthy foods 

  • Higher quality and more diverse food options 

  • Reusable dinnerware, compostable or recyclable packaging

  • Flexitarian (plant-based) options 

  • Ethical production and fair wages

  • Supports positive charities, businesses and individuals looking to make Toronto a better place


What's a Flexitarian?
Flexitarians’ or flexible vegetarians are people committed to practicing sustainable, healthy eating. They follow a plant-based diet rich in nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables while still consuming moderate amounts local or organic animal products such as eggs, honey and fish. Sometimes individuals don’t identify as flexitarian, but the event requires a diversity of both worlds.


Do you have any Online Menus?
No, instead we prefer working with each client to create custom menus. This allows us to create a seasonally appropriate menu and work within your event's size and style. Feel free to browse our Food Gallery for inspiration or contact us; we can of course make suggestions based on your needs. For weddings or full-service events please reference our
sample package.


What are your Prices?
Our prices vary and depend on the type of event you are hosting, serving style and menu selection. We try to accommodate any reasonable budget, but our goal is to do so without compromising the integrity of the food or impeding on service. For weddings or full-service events please reference our sample package.


Do You Cater Buffet Style?
In terms of food waste, buffets are one of the worse culprits, especially for large events.

For this reason, we only cater buffets under 30 guests as to minimize waste and ensure quality. For those looking for a cost effective or casual service style with several different food options we recommend Family Style dining.


What is Family Style Dining?
Family Style is one of our favourite alternatives to buffet. Here guests are seated to a pre-arranged place setting; large platters of various mains and sides are placed in the centre of the table and guests can 'help themselves'. This type of service encourages sharing, conversation and a focus on collective appreciation {just like Sunday dinner}.


Can you Create Kid Friendly Menus?
Yes we can. We even have special reduced pricing for children under 12 years old.

Let us know if you require a kid-friendly menu when you contact us.


What is the Min or Max Number of Guests you can Cater?
We can cater private events as intimate as two and as large as 200. In some cases a minimum spend may be required, especially in peak season (May through December).


How Early Should I Contact You to Cater my Event?
The sooner the better… there is no such thing as too early.

Because we are a boutique catering company, our focus on one to two events on any given day. This allows us to concentrate on quality but does limit our availability. For intimate social gatherings and cocktail events we recommend at 2 to 3 weeks notice. For weddings we would like to ideally like to start discussing menus and concepts 8-12 months ahead or  3-4 months ahead for smaller weddings. 


Can We Try Your Food Before Retaining Your Services?
Yes. We offer tasting sessions for $150 per couple, which usually include six items from your proposed menu. If you choose to move forward with our services, we'll credit your final invoice $150.


Do You Accommodate Allergies?
Yes. Because we make all our dishes from scratch we can accommodate allergies. Our staff is also DineAware™ certified.


What is DineAware™?
DineAware™ is an international certification program for food professionals which deals with common Food Allergies and Intolerances (FAI). It provides cross-contact prevention guidelines and processes to be implementing at all levels of staff/food interaction.  


Do you Handle Rentals?

Every venue is different and in many cases rentals are required to complete the event. Rentals may include tables, dinnerware, glassware, linens, tents, ovens, BBQs etc. We work with you and our preferred vendor Higgins, to provide you with a vast inventory of rental items for your event. 


Which Methods of Payment do you Accept?

We accept cash, e-money transfer, cheques or any major credit card* as payment.

*Credit card payments are subject to a 3% service charge.


Do you Charge Gratuity?

We do not automatically add gratuities to catering orders. We are often asked if tipping is customary, to which we respond that some customers do and others don't. All gratuities are shared among the team that helped prepare and deliver your order.


Can I See a List of References? 

Yes. We have a client list that you may call for referral; please contact us for more details. 

In the meantime, feel free to take a look at our current Yelp reviews



Do you Provide Servers, Chefs and Bartenders?
Yes. We provide all necessary staff and servers to set up, run and break down your entire event.


Are you LGBTQ friendly?
Yes and we look forward to a day when this question is no longer necessary :-)


What is WPIC?
WPIC, also known as The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, is the only recognized Wedding Planner Certification in Canada; as of November 2014 our co-founder and event manager Marie Fitrion is part of this association and has obtained this designation. The institute enforces its alumni to uphold a strict Code of Ethics and successful completion of the exams.

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