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Food should be something everyone can enjoy; it deserves to be presented beautifully and handled with care.


Whether it's a plated multi-coursed meal, a casual yet intimate family style dinner or a variety of tasty small bites, we’ll create a menu that is suited to the environment of your event, and customize our services to fit the overall atmosphere you want to create for your guests.


We'll always be honest and realistic about our approach to ensure you are happy, while never compromising on the quality of food and service. Our service styles may differ from one another,  but we always prepare great food, delivered by our team. 

Private events
Private chef/

Ranging from $80 - $250 per guest

(Including staff, rental, food & venue fees)

Standard anything just won’t cut it when we’re talking about your wedding day.

Don’t fret; we are not your standard catering company. 


From vegan to game meats, gluten-free to lactose-free, we create menus that allow your celebration to feel more inclusive and keep you and your guests happy.


*prices vary per event; range is a general benchmark

Ranging from $30 - $300 per guest

(Including pick -up, drop off or full-service events)

Ranging from $50 - $200 per guest

So maybe you aren’t getting married any time soon, and your company doesn’t require a catering company right now, but you’d still like to use our services for your unique event. No sweat. 


We can whip up a menu that is sure to make you and your guests very happy.


*prices vary per event; range is a general benchmark

Always wanted to learn how to make chocolate ganache? Looking to brush up on your knife skills? Or impress that someone special with new cooking techniques?


Our executive Chef Daniel Holloway is available for one on one tutorials in your kitchen or his. Prep School is our semi-private cost-effective option.

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