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Boss Lady


Urban Acorn Catering CEO, Catering Manager, mom, wife and general 'Boss Lady' Marie Fitrion (she/her) is always looking for the next project or adventure. An academic at heart, Fitrion is a collector of grand ideas and a natural storyteller with a penchant for etymology. She loves to explore the connection between food, culture and communication, leading her to her current role.


​In 2011, after meeting Chef Daniel Holloway, her personal and professional aspirations quickly merged as she and Holloway developed a monthly Vegan Supper Club series as a platform to unite individuals through the simple art of thoughtful gathering. Within a year, Urban Acorn Catering was born, and their goal was to create a service that allowed food to unite, not divide people.


Fitrion manages the day-to-day operations for Urban Acorn, including event management to vendor relations. Though she doesn't work in the kitchen with Chef Holloway, you can see her influence in their menus which features a few nods to her Haitian background. Fitrion has over 15 years of event management, marketing and PR experience. 

She holds an honours degree from the University of Guelph In Media Communications and diplomas in Fashion Arts and Public Relations;

she is also a freelance writer and regularly writes about food, fashion and inclusive parenting.


​Fitrion & Holloway are proud parents to three beautiful & bright young girls.

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