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Allergy, Cross Contact & COVID-19 Practices

Allergies can be a source of anxiety for both event hosts and guests; it's important that both parties receive the information they need to make decisions with regards to their well-being. As a catering company, we process a variety of allergens in our kitchen; we work with third-party organizations such as Dine Aware and Toronto Public Health to ensure our facility meets health standards.


No guarantees can be made with regards to allergy contamination as our facility does processes dairy, eggs, nuts, wheat, shellfish, soy and other allergens; however, we do follow strict health and safety guidelines and employ the following stringent cross-contact practices to avoid contamination:


  • Dedicated and freshly sanitized** work tables, knives, cutting boards and other tools used in prep

  • Dedicated prep staff assigned to all allergen work; this is usually handled by our executive chef or the most senior chef in-house

  • All tasting spoons, ladles and other cookware are dedicated to each allergy until service is complete; they are then sanitized*

  • All dinnerware, glassware, flatware are sanitized* before every dinner and eating surfaces such as tables are wiped clean and sanitized

  • All linens and placemats are washed, dried and pressed before every dinner.

  • Plates containing allergens must be served first and separate from other plates; servers must wash their hand before and after handling any allergens

**Sanitisation includes a bleach/water solution for tabletops and a high-pressure dishwasher/sanitizer which hits a top heat of 190 degrees F


We source only quality ingredients and rely on supplier/manufacturer's allergen statements and routinely make all event ingredient lists available to guests upon request; please contact us for more information.


Have any feedback, comments or questions about our practices? Please contact Marie.

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